Project name:

Flip Book Pieces

Project description:

This section showcases page-flipping pieces I’ve created. To show you the full effect of the actual pieces, I’ve created a ‘flipbook’ for each one. You’ll be able to actually flip through the pages as if you were holding it in your hands. Enjoy virtual page turning or ‘flipbooking!’

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Click on the links to view the piece with flip book action!

Facts About Cosmetic Surgery Booklet
A 43-page pamphlet outlining the cosmetic surgeries offered by Dr. G.D. Castillo. I only included just a few pages to show layout.

PACE Home Ownership Brochure w/die-cut
This is a die-cut project. The die-cut is around the trees. The orange on the inside cover is there to show the actual die-cut.

Wet Nose Therapy Tribute Book
A 76-page booklet honoring those who rescue dogs. These are only a few pages here. Some of the stories tug at your heart strings!

Siam Terrace Dine-in Menu
My client opted for a basic menu design. These are just a few inserts of the menu.