BCAI-CAH is Breaking Chains Advancing Increase Cultural Arts & Humanities, a non-profit organization located in Bloomington, Illinois. I’m proud to be a volunteer graphic designer to BCAI-CAH. I design social media graphics, assist in social media management, and I attend events to assist and show support.

What BCAI means to me
What BCAI means to me
BCAI Mission and Vision
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BCBCAI-CAH Breaking Chains Advancing Increase Cultural Arts & Humanities have many great classes to offer their communities’ youth and adults throughout the year. They’ve recently launched their music video of the original track GET RIGHT. We’re so proud of the youth that had a hand in making this video a success. We’re also thankful for all the mentors and engineers who made this happen. BCAI has some great events coming up starting in February. Take a look at the slide show below. Visit the BCAI-CAH website: http://www.bcaiarts.org for more details of the events.

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PURCHASE MIX.FUZE.EVOLVE. TICKET AT: http://www.bcaiarts.org

VISIT BCAI-CAH WEBSITE AT: http://www.bcaiarts.org

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