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S. Oesterreich

S. Oesterreich

I am the face, the voice, and the talent of Oesfreelancing Graphic Design. Junk mail sparked my interest in wanting to design post cards, flyers, etc. As for the marketing part, I thought it combined perfectly with graphic design an advertising. So I went for it! And I’ve learned so much about marketing at past jobs as marketing coordinator. It’s rewarding and satisfying. And I’d love to share my knowledge and expertise with you!



This guy is my son. Every time I design something I always ask his opinion when he’s around. He is quick to give it to me. And he’s honest. Every now and then he’ll tell me how cool or awesome my work looks. So he’s also my cheerleader. I really value his insights and rely on his honesty. Therefore, I believe he deserves to be featured as a value to the business.

Kristen May


Every business needs more than one creative, intelligent mind to become a success. Kristen May was my partner in my marketing capstone at Franklin University in 2014. I always valued her input then and still do to this day. She’s smart, honest, and to the point. I’m thankful for our continued friendship and for her valuable input to Oesfreelancing Graphic Design.

Attention Seeker

Attention Seeker

This is Pennyanne. She needs my attention the most when I’m sitting down working on design projects. She’ll get right in front of the laptop and walk on the keys. And sometimes she’ll lay right on the keyboard! So I have to stop for a few to give her some TLC. Don’t worry! I stop the clock when I have to do this! She’s a team player for sure, in her own way I suppose.