Here’s What People Are Saying!

Sam is a very personable. She had many customers that were very fond of her. She could always make a poster pop, add a new look to any bus. card, brochure, etc. She is a great designer with many new ideas running thru that head. She keeps very up-to-date with what’s trending. I highly recommend her for any design job.

Amber Schultz

“She had many customers that were very fond of her.”

Amber Shultz – Graphic Designer and Customer Service

Sammy is an individual who is passionate about the things she is involved in, including her professional work in marketing and related areas. In addition to a having a charming personality, Sammy is a self-starter, energetic and an enthusiastic learner. She’s highly recommended in my book!

Andy Wilke

“…passionate about the things she’s involved in.”

Andy Wilke – Asst. Director of IT Auxiliary Shared Technology Services at University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

I am honored to recommend Sammy for any position or task that meets her qualifications or that she desires. She is highly educated and has a commitment to detail that is paramount in her industry. Having worked closely with Sammy now for nearly 3 years in a volunteer capacity, I have seen great things from Sammy. Examples would be designing our company logo, letterhead, promotional items and any other business related needs we may have with regard to our website or online store. She holds herself to high standard and it clearly shows in everything she does. Thank you Sammy for all that you do for Camp Courage and for those who selflessly serve this great country! Semper Fidelis!

Camp Courage logo

“She is highly educated and has a commitment to detail….”

Mai Christy – Retired President/Founder of Camp Courage

Sammy is extremely goal oriented, and is dedicated to learning in numerous forms. She is able to pursue her goals with determination while enhancing the output of others. She leads by example and is self motivated. Leadership is among her strengths. Her decorum and positive attitude demonstrates her fundamental values for team member’s success.

Bob Sievers

“…extremely goal oriented, and is dedicated to learning in numerous forms.”

Bob Sievers – Instructor at Union College (KY)

Sammy and I were Marketing colleagues in the Franklin University Capstone class. Sammy’s creative spirit, attention to detail, and superb graphics talent led to the high level of success with our Strategic Marketing Plan. Sammy can do the same for you!

Kristin May

“…creative spirit, attention to detail”

Kristen May – Founder, Spokesperson, Pres. Pickaway Arts & Life Center

Sammy is a very talented graphic designer. She has excellent communication skills. In addition, she is extremely organized, reliable and computer literate. Sammy has an aptitude for aesthetics and understanding clients that makes her stand out from other freelance graphic and web designers. She doesn’t just create something that looks visually pleasing, but she also makes sure that it reflects the values of your website, product, or organization.

Sheryl Ryan

“Sammy is a very talented graphic designer.”

Sheryl R.

Sammy does amazing work, has a great turn around and her creativity is outstanding, I highly recommend Sammy for your Graphics & Marketing needs.

Terry Brown

“…her creativity is outstanding.”

Terry Brown – Photographer and Founder of CU Bands and Fans

I have been acquainted with Sammy for a long time. She is extremely personable and has a very positive outlook on life. Sammy has aspirations of developing her skills and gaining more experience in the field of marketing. I believe her creative approach to life and to her work will aid her well in this endeavor.

Zelda Gardner

“She is extremely personable…”

Zelda Gardner – Senior Asst. Dean of Undergraduate Affairs at UofI at Urbana-Champaign

I have known Sammy for roughly 5 years, and, in that time, have found her to be a very hardworking and talented individual. She is extremely positive, down-to-earth, and outgoing, and gets along well with everyone. She really loves working in Marketing and Graphic Design and is very passionate about her projects. Sammy would be a great asset to any project, team, or company of which she’s a part.

Nan Holda

“…very hardworking and talented individual.”

Nan Holda – Program Coordinator at Howard Hughes Medical Institute

I worked with Sam for 4 years. She is very knowledgeable in the marketing world and would come to the meetings with great ideas. We would have monthly meetings to talk about the performance of the companies campaign. She would ask the right questions to be sure as her marketing agency we were maximising all of the dollars. Sam was awesome at branding locally in the market, her radio voice and overall helped our team with the tools we needed to run a successful marketing campaign.

Ashley Garcia

“…would come to meetings with great ideas.”

Ashley Gracia – Account Development Manager a Mediagistic

Sam is a well spoken, intelligent, creative and extremely detailed marketer. She understands all aspects of a project, and asks questions on an ongoing basis to stay engaged and involved. Sam is also very talented creatively and would often convey those skills to produce outstanding work for her company. I’ve now had the pleasure to collaborate with Sam as a graphic designer, and her talents are stronger than when we first worked together six years ago. Furthermore, she responds to communication quickly, delivers the project on time (if not early), and follows through to confirm client satisfaction. She’s a great team member to have in your corner. It’s my absolute pleasure to recommend Sam Oesterreich.

Gregg Goldenstein

“Well spoken, intelligent, creative….”

Gregg Goldstein – Relationship Developer, Marketer, Networker, Community Leader – E&M Consulting Group