Photoshop Tutorials/Projects

In this project I freshened up on how to resize images proportionately and how to add a shadow on some of the elements in the composition such as the elephants and the small kid. The clipping paths of the elephants, bird, and small child were provided by the instructor as well as the beautiful background landscape graphic.

Two monitors while taking these courses will help! One monitor will have the instructor guiding you a long and he other to do the actual project at the same time.
The final composition where I added the shadows and resized the elements attractively. I also darkend the scene to make it look like sundown. All elements in the composition were provided in this tutorial.

Thank you, to Phil Ebiner for instructing these courses to keep us graphic designers sharp in our already acquired skills and for teaching us new skills and techniques. Phil is a creator of videos and photos, teacher of creative skills, and founder of video school online. Yo can follow Phil on Instagram: @video_school_online or visit his website at

Victory Cheers

A Little Bit of the PCT Trail – 2016

Click on the link below to see mine and my two soul sister’s trip out on the PCT Trail back in 2016. What an amazing experience!! The pack on my back is my Marine veterans rucksack.

The Women of the PCT Expedition
L to R: Me, Crista, and Joanne.

Tres Amigos

Trip to Stanwood, WA – 2018

I was blessed to meet two wonderful ladies and Andie’s family in Stanwood, WA during the October fall in 2018. Long story short, Andie, Pam and I all had our boys in the Marine Corps at the same time. We met virtually on a support site on Facebook and just kept in touch all throughout. This started back in 2010ish. In 2018 I decided I wanted to meet these two chicks. I thought they were cool and fun to keep in touch with. So I did! Keep in mind we have NEVER met in person until this trip took place. Some of the sites I can remember visiting were Pike Place Market, the original Starbuck’s and the Gum wall.

I flew into Seatac, Seattle-Tacoma International airport on October 23rd. For five days I explored some beautiful sites, ate some good homemade and eat out food, and made life time friends with Pam, Andie and Andie’s family Clay and Zach. I had to most decadent bloody mary EVER in my life! Per tradition when I travel we stopped at Seattle Hard Rock Cafe as I was able to idolize the memorabilia of my favorite band Heart. And to stick with tradition I was able to purchase my Hard Rock Cafe shirt.

Airman Oesterreich

A New Airman in the Oesterreich Family

On September 11, 2019 my family and I celebrated my nephew becoming an Airman. We laughed. And we cried. We treated to him to every single thing he could want ranging from his favorite meal to showering him with all kinds of junk food. While in San Antonio we enjoyed sight seeing with our Airman. We visited the San Antonio Riverwalk and the Alamo.  Kameron’s now away for his technical training. Please keep him in your prayers, him and his brothers and sisters. Much love to all! 

Thai Chicken Thighs and Noodles

Thai Chicken Thighs and Noodles One-Pan Meal

📢 SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Last night I made my first ever Thai dish! 🥢 I made a savory Thai chicken thighs and noodles one-skillet meal. I left the rice noodles 🍜 in the boiling water too long 🤪 so I had to be my best Wonder Woman 🦸‍♀️ and ‘save the meal!’💪 I resorted to 3️⃣ packs of ramen noodles w/out the seasoning packets! 😁 And finally, a delicious dinner was enjoyed by all! 🙌😋

Recipe courtesy of Café Delights at:

One-pot Meal
To make your mouth water with envy.