Trip to Stanwood, WA – 2018

I was blessed to meet two wonderful ladies and Andie’s family in Stanwood, WA during the October fall in 2018. Long story short, Andie, Pam and I all had our boys in the Marine Corps at the same time. We met virtually on a support site on Facebook and just kept in touch all throughout. This started back in 2010ish. In 2018 I decided I wanted to meet these two chicks. I thought they were cool and fun to keep in touch with. So I did! Keep in mind we have NEVER met in person until this trip took place. Some of the sites I can remember visiting were Pike Place Market, the original Starbuck’s and the Gum wall.

I flew into Seatac, Seattle-Tacoma International airport on October 23rd. For five days I explored some beautiful sites, ate some good homemade and eat out food, and made life time friends with Pam, Andie and Andie’s family Clay and Zach. I had to most decadent bloody mary EVER in my life! Per tradition when I travel we stopped at Seattle Hard Rock Cafe as I was able to idolize the memorabilia of my favorite band Heart. And to stick with tradition I was able to purchase my Hard Rock Cafe shirt.

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I like being creative. Oddly, I can spend hours in front of my computer doing stuff like this, making changes to my website at quarter to 12 am! I love working with graphics and learning how to manipulate them and enhance them to create jaw dropping compositions.

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