A New Airman in the Oesterreich Family

On September 11, 2019 my family and I celebrated my nephew becoming an Airman. We laughed. And we cried. We treated to him to every single thing he could want ranging from his favorite meal to showering him with all kinds of junk food. While in San Antonio we enjoyed sight seeing with our Airman. We visited the San Antonio Riverwalk and the Alamo.  Kameron’s now away for his technical training. Please keep him in your prayers, him and his brothers and sisters. Much love to all! 

About S. Oesterreich

I like being creative. Oddly, I can spend hours in front of my computer doing stuff like this, making changes to my website at quarter to 12 am! I love working with graphics and learning how to manipulate them and enhance them to create jaw dropping compositions.

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