First Camping Trip of the Season

The weekend of May 4th was by far the best weekend in the books this year. Saturday started with a four hour yoga retreat. Boy was that a wonderful experience! I really think I need to implement more yoga in my life! I found it comforting, peaceful, and physically pleasing. Camping was the perfect ending to the day! I absolutely LOVE camping! My friends were already at the site with a dream camper on wheels. It was decked out with A/C, beds, a dining area, a bathroom, a kitchen, the WORKS! Sure there was plenty of room for me but did I opt to sleep in the camper? NOPE! I threw up my one-man tent and slept in it on my air mattress. It was perfect! It was the perfect day to camp out. Take a look at the pics….

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I like being creative. Oddly, I can spend hours in front of my computer doing stuff like this, making changes to my website at quarter to 12 am! I love working with graphics and learning how to manipulate them and enhance them to create jaw dropping compositions.

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