About S. Oesterreich

How I Became Interested In Graphic Design And Marketing

Hello. My name is Sam Oesterreich (pronounced, 'a strike' as in, 'You bowled 'a strike!'). I was always intrigued by the direct mail pieces we would receive in the mail since I was a pre-teen. I thought to myself, "Who creates and prints these things? Some of these are so neat!" I decided to take classes at our local community college to be 'that' person who created those direct mail pieces. My interest in learning marketing came when I decided to distract myself from the worries of my son being enlisted in the Marine Corps. Why marketing? I thought graphic design and marketing went hand-in-hand together just like peanut butter and jelly! So I enrolled in a four year university and took online classes on marketing.

Hard Work Has Earned Me Great Rewards

All the sleepless nights staying up late doing homework after coming home from a full-time job and adapting to less than desirable and unhealthy eating habits have paid off. I landed a job as a marketing coordinator right out of college! And upon completion of my studies I earned an associates in applied science degree and a bachelor degree.
• Associate in Applied Science (A.A.S) Mass Communications: Desktop Publishing Graphic Design, Parkland College - Champaign, IL
• Bachelor of Science in Marketing, Franklin University - Columbus, OH

My Solutions For You

I will represent your business per your requests. Each design project whether print or digital will be executed professionally with modern software programs and a creative eye. Some marketing projects I can help with are search engine optimization (SEO), website design using Dreamweaver, WordPress, or pre-made design templates through companies provided by GoDaddy and hibu, etc. Once the site is created I will keep it maintained with up-to-date changes and fresh new looks. Social media marketing is hot these days. I can help with blogging on your social media sites and provide feedback to comments and or questions. I also have experience in working with e-commerce. Please contact me about other professional services you are interested in.

I am currently employed full-time as the marketing coordinator for an HVAC business. Therefore, jobs will be worked on mostly after regular business hours and throughout the weekends. Communication can be done via email and Skype if necessary. If you would like to Skype with me please email me and we will set up a Skype meeting. And I will be more than happy to meet with you in person if you are local. I'll buy you a coffee. Let's talk business!


"The day, water, sun, moon, night - I do not have to purchase these things with money"

- Plautus

Here are just a few tidbits about myself beyond the 'working' gal. I'm thankful for everyday given to me so I can live, laugh, and love! Meeting people and sometimes instantly bonding with them comes natural to me. Sometimes a smile is all it takes and you're insta-friends! No one is a stranger to me.  Some of the finer things in life I really enjoy are; family, friends, wine, cooking, playing pool, strumming the 6-string, banging on the drums, and traveling. I absolutely love my Marine veteran son. And I'm pretty sure my life wouldn't be complete without my baby girl kitty cat, Pennyanne.

Here are some of my favorite websites I want to share with you. Check them out!

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Della Perrone Photography

Photos credits go to my friend Della Perrone. Della is responsible for the professional cover page photo and for the photo on my 'About Me' page. She is also the talent behind my son's picture featured in the 'Employees' section. You may visit Della's website by clicking on this link, Della Perrone Photography.

Camp Courage

Camp Courage is a non-profit organization that ships care packages to our service men and women of all branches, worldwide. I am currently the website manager and graphic designer for the organization. Visit our website at, Camp Courage. Feel free to donate. No donation is too small.

Champaign Garden Inn

The Champaign Garden Inn is a beautiful Bed & Breakfast located in Champaign, IL. The B&B is located inside a historic mansion built in 1901. It currently has 7 rooms available for short or long-term stays. I help the owners, also my best friends, on the weekends and at least one night during the week. Visit their webpage for more information at, Champaign Garden Inn.

Ayrin Ramey Hintz (Independent Consultant)

I've been using Rodan+Fields since May of 2017. I've never enjoyed or stayed strictly on a face regiment as I do with R+F! I currently use Reverse in the morning, Redefine at night. And I Lash Boost before bed. Just added to the collection was the Lip Renewing Serum and the Brightening Hand Treatment. For more info. about Rodan+Fields, visit my consultant's web site here, Ayrin Ramey Hintz.

Nerd Fitness
(Level Up Your Life)

I like to eat as healthy as possible. It's not easy all the time! This is when I look to google and google some good sites that can get me on the right track. NerdFitness is a good start to do just this, eat right. It's got a lot of Star Wars elements for you Star Wars fans that want to learn to eat healthy. LOL! Get started here, NerdFitness.

My Journey on the PCT
(Pacific Crest Trail)

In 2016, myself and my two Marine sisters braved the PCT. We didn't do the whole thing. My goodness! That would take 6 months to do, aggressively. So we did it for about 3 days. It was a short journey but one well worth taking. We learned a lot about ourselves and working together as a team. And we saw some beautiful scenery. Read more about my journey at my blog, My Journey on the PCT.